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wSunday, July 02, 2006

Las Piñas isn't the same anymore. I used to love that place like crazy, & it'd always feel as if I have to anticipate for something (or maybe someone?) there. My parents used to eat a lot at the old Max's down the main road, then kids from my high school would all troop to the old Ever Gotesco mall (before Southmall was put up), & my kid sibs would go with me to iceskate at SM Southmall (with all them cute hockey boys gearing up for practice), if my high school best friends don't drag me there first for a movie or anything. I hate the traffic, though, just about everytime. I'm lucky if I get to Alabang within an hour while commuting through the main road instead of taking the cumbersome shortcut along Imus. I went to Times with my org secretary Lynne when she decided to transfer schools in my 2nd year in college, & I was devastated back then because she was leaving me so soon, thus she wasn't there to share my success with my other endeavors. I remember getting my heart broken first at McDo near RFC, then in the Shell Select convenience store parking lot — all in just one night, & making out like crazy a year after (first time, actually LOL) in some residential area only to be cut short because I got hungry & wanted coffee all of a sudden, haha. I fell for a tall half-Japanese geek guy near that place whom I thought didn't like me back so I tried having a 'girlfriend' for a week. WTF. LOL. (Nominal lang po!) I'd stay up late & drive around with my guy friends there just because — probably to clear our heads. It's safer that way, anyway, than to get piss-drunk & be devoid of any will to continue existing like what I used to do in the late 90's. I miss my kid sister. We loved Alabang just as much, especially the old Gameworx & Italian ice cream booth in Festival Mall. But nothing beats the old days, despite the wonderful combination of the Starbucks & Yellow Cab branches now fronting RFC (my kid sis & I used to match fraps with greasy pizza, & we'd have a whole 10" pan/box each to gobble up LOL), the cleaner Southmall interiors & updated stores, & more reasons to trek all the way to Parañaque. Why do I always have to brood over what's been long gone?

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posted by Andalusia at 7/02/2006 12:49:00 AM