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wMonday, July 10, 2006

Just when I thought last Saturday was going to be a huge disaster with all the rain & the lack of confirmation from potential tarot workshoppers — to think I arrived pretty early at our assembly place, hehe — I had fun having too much caffeine in my bloodstream (what else do you expect from hanging out at Starbucks ALONE for 3 hours?) then spiking it all up with a bottle of light beer & a few laughs with some of The Doll House kids (Rai, Diane, Kimberly, Flor, Jeng, Synth) at a cheap videoke joint before hanging out with Deric, Faith, & AJ again at SM Mall of Asia for Superman Returns (when I vowed to myself that I won't be watching that anytime soon, haha, thanks D!) & a bit of window-shopping (since most of the stuff I was looking for wasn't available, how about that?! SA LAKI NG LUGAR AKALAIN MONG WALA NI ISA? haha) & a fantastic dreamy display of fireworks up close (tanginang Tadhana talaga, mapaglaro, eh kasasabi ko lang last week na Life is like a pyrotechnical show at times: better admired & studied from afar). Buti na lang tumila ang ulan kinagabihan.

So I got to talk to Wynzyl for a bit while I was waiting for everyone that afternoon, & I'm happy for Berlynn who managed to see me despite her sprain & fever (thanks for all the videoke tokens LOL), but I wish I could've dropped by this Park Square salon first to get my nails, brows, & my hair done so I wouldn't feel like crap that much especially with the horrible weather earlier that day. Maybe — finally — later today. I also met up with Lexi right after we realized we were kinda freezing in Starbucks LOL. Yeah, so much for surprises. We're definitely under the influence of a Mercury retrograde this season.

So the little things I were looking for weren't available at MoA, like my staple Aqua Mirabilis bars, yellow Stabilo highlighters, & black Uni Pin 0.5 drawing pens (what a dork, I know). BUT I did find an awesome pink knee-length skirt than I can wonderfully pair with my flip-flops & plain tops (preferably black). Too bad I couldn't buy it just yet. :( But maybe I should. HAH. Asa pa. The selections at Fully Booked weren't so hot, but I don't mind. I just went along with Faith who had to look for work/casual clothes + shoes & Cetaphil — shopping with company sometimes makes the hunt easier, but I really have not much patience for it, even if I'm looking for neat finds of my own. I'm a man like that. I always have to decide quick, with a specific thing in mind. I have very little leeway for alternatives. Faith also knows what she wants, but it's frustrating when we just can't fit into the things we fancy.

It's been a while since I've visited my kid sister Candy's grave. I miss her all over again, & I found myself crying while re-reading her last birthday card to me (3 months before she left) & the roses portrait in craypas & felt paper she made especially for yours truly a few years back. I think I should visit her today before making more stupid time for myself. Fuck the rain. I'm always S.A.D.-stricken, ergo miserable in July.

I should remember to get more scented candles, too, & get my health assessment + workout guide this week. If all else fails, there's always tai-chi to look forward to next Saturday. Will I be able to stick to the program, though?

(MOTD) = Liz Phair - Why Can't I

posted by Andalusia at 7/10/2006 07:43:00 AM