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wWednesday, March 01, 2006

Finally got to watch Memoirs of a Geisha (with Lynne) & Aeon Flux (alone), but the latter was more moving (surprise? surprise!) & I ended up sobbing for quite a while in the toilet, LOL. Quite a first, actually. Go figure.

Ash Wednesday today. I had a 6PM Mass offered for my sister in Sto. Niño de Paz & I'm going to check on her stead again. I haven't been doing so for quite a while unlike last year, & even if I don't want to talk much about it I still have to take care of her that way. Her birthday's on the 16th, Thursday, & I'm going to spend the afternoon there, unless I get to drag friends out for some sushi & sake. Sama kayo?

Speaking of glorious afternoons, it really feels like summer now. Harvesting calamansi in our garden, hot sweet corn on the cob, halo-halo, clear blue skies & fluffy white clouds with birds happily chirping & a cool breeze blowing make it all superb. I simply love & can't live without summer, despite the sweltering heat & dust sometimes. I want to sip hot genmaicha or Japanese cherry green tea & munch on turtle pies, fly kites, enjoy long drives, & write silly haikus while letting Life sweetly pass me by this season. This is why I really can't be a goth girl completely as I can't live without my sunshine, sitcoms, giddy thoughts, & pink gear.

Plus having household help at home again is sweet. I'll have more time to go out & 'write' but I worry about our new maid because she's not sleeping as well & much as she'd like. I feel much better now at for once lumiwanag ang bahay namin ulet after a year of clutter, hahaha, & my room's much more of a livable space these days (though I hate when she makes my bed for me, ngeee — leave my stuff alone, lady!)

posted by Andalusia at 3/01/2006 11:03:00 AM