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wMonday, March 21, 2005

Hooray for fantastic summer weekends.

Spent the most of last week's with my high school best buddy Jean. (OK, so I have a couple of best friends back then, but Cresta is back in California now so what the heck.) Her 27th birthday's on April 9th, & I'm not sure if she'll make it to our supposed laidback high school reunion the weekend before that. She has to go with me! Please wish me luck that she does, hehe. :P

I'm glad to see my favorite people again at my pamisa for Candy yesterday: Zhy & Rissa (who'll be spending their first anniversary a day before Jean's birthday), Earl & his sweet girlfriend Laarni, & AJ (who was nice to drop off my kid brother Sonny then drive Jean & me to the Imus Cathedral after). I really appreciate them being there. I was hoping we all could grab a bite elsewhere after the mass to commemorate Candy's birthday a few days ago, instead of my lugging around sandwiches & drinks like the last time, but they all had to go so soon. Note to self: bring pameryenda at all costs & schedule another get-together next month, possibly on April 16. I'll have a couple more masses in May & June, tapos sa December na ulet. I hope this isn't so much of a bother, but I just really have to do this.

Jean & I saw Robots last Saturday night, & it was such a fun movie. You might think that it ripped off a lot of ideas from Monsters, Inc. & The Incredibles, but it's an entirely special movie in itself, & check out the moral lessons it's got to pleasantly share. :) Oh, & be on guard for Fender (voiced by the ever-zany Robin Williams) & Rodney's (total sweetheart Ewan McGregor) Wonderbot. We tried our best not to fall asleep while waiting for our favorite scene AGAIN, but we couldn't help it so we decided to head home & zonk out. I had a grand time napping while commuting, but Jean had to hold it off because of her delicate contacts. I forgot to buy chocolate cake & decided to try out Zhongnanhai some other time.

We had a quasi-high school reunion last night at Island Cove, courtesy of my classmates Loven & Rhose (who just flew back from Canada), Ohwen (from California), & Amaranthine (who was my childhood friend back in Sangley & had to move to Las Pinas in college; also our batch's mailing list moderator). We had oodles of videoke fun & I was so excited with the whole fuss that I didn't feel like eating much! Oh, wow. That's a big deal coming from me, especially if you know what I've gone through in high effin school! :P Anyway, I'm hoping the actual reunion would be better. Other people who showed up: Paulyn (our batch's salutatorian), Anne (first honorable mention), Gayle (who owns a coffee shop now & whose family's Chinese resto was a classic for years), & Isai (a pretty, bubbly character; one of the first few people I've befriended during our freshman days). I read cards for Thine at the reception area & as promised, she gave me scented candles in exchange for my 'services'. Hooray for green tea-smelling lights! I should've taken pictures, but I guess I'll wait for Ohwen & Rhose's uploaded snapshots. :)

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posted by Andalusia at 3/21/2005 11:08:00 AM