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wWednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm still having trouble making a wishlist for the holidays, even if most of the things I'd want are trivial. I find it comforting & disturbing at the same time to realize that the stuff I want for Christmas aren't exactly what I need so desperately to acquire. All the things I ought to have are those what I have to attend to most diligently this year but can't force myself to focus on — like go to school, secure a driver's license/SSS number/passport, & stick to whatever exercise program I'll subject myself to. It's hard being responsible, though. I'd rather think about all the parties & readings I can go to than actually struggle to "grow" fucking "up", yo. Could it be I'm just tired of managing things alone? I can't even go out & watch a movie all by myself anymore. But I'd rather be alone & emo than stuck with the wrong person/crowd. I neeeeeeeeeed HELP, however. I have to snap out of this stupid phase.

Yeah, so all I can do is whine, whine, complain, bicker, whine. But I guess this is better than bottling it all up. I'm about to go crazIER any minute now — & my room is getting more cluttered than ever. Obviously I'm not doing anything about it. I have a whole lot of other shit to do elsewhere, like shop for groceries, cram for a movie marathon, endure a few hours at some salon just because I can, meet up with other blog buddies, mail greeting cards, & pick up the goddamn dry-cleaning. Wish me luck, I have to do ALL of that TODAY. :/

Some of the indispensable things I could use, though, from my pending wishlist would be pots & jars of my favorite body scrub, new cozy bedsheets (preferably in pink), black ballet flats that fit, & an all-expense paid trip to the Bermuda Triangle. Ooh.

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posted by Andalusia at 11/17/2004 05:59:00 AM