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wFriday, November 12, 2004

I want to go to this mystic shop really bad, for some reason. Actually, I've been wanting to go anywhere that offers tarot readings & what not, but I'm like HOURS away from a couple of places I've been forever wanting to check out. Ever since I got my very first tarot reading from someone else up close + from the proverbial Baclaran/Quiapo chain earlier this week, I want to "consult" other readers, just so I can compare notes. Maybe even get a funky dreamcatcher, too. Or ask about my other inane-sounding sentiments about my budding uh, shamanism & worries about possible psychic vampirism. Hehe. Freaky ba? But that's just how it is. I can't concentrate fully yet, though, because I've got a lot of things lined up for my attention — school, household maintenance, blogging, Sophie & the rest of the brood (I've got 3 kittens up for grabs, any takers? PLEASE!), my personal crap (like them lovely black ballet flats in Via Venetto; I hope they'd fit, yikes!). I just wish I can run away to some really splendid secluded spot soon, but I'd really appreciate it if you guys can tag along. Sometimes talking to the likes of you helps me re-organize my cluttered thoughts faster than spending hours gorging on food while laughing it out with the grrrls. But sometimes at the end of the day wasting time with you makes me miss the beau more. I don't even have to babble much — he'll just willingly drive me wherever I want to go then I'll be happy, snug, & crazy without worrying if I'm getting on his nerves. Haha, what another seemingly pointless entry this is turning out to be.

But seriously, I really want to expand my horizons with regards to my tarot reading. If it's going to be the last thing on earth I'd be dabbling in, I might as well improve my skills. It involves a lot of things I enjoy doing — meeting new people, bonding with friends, waxing philosophical, tripping on psychoanalysis & other bordering-on-occult subjects, testing my patience & ability to quip nifty quotable stuff out of nowhere — it comes naturally somewhat. I have no idea where exactly this whole hoopla's taking me, but I should find out soon — & fast.

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posted by Andalusia at 11/12/2004 04:52:00 AM