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wMonday, November 29, 2004

Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

So much for keeping a supposed girl's room. I didn't bother to fix the rest of the background — what you see is what you get. Here's two of my latest acquisitions (from different people) — the seasonal bouquet (which obviously I couldn't give justice to in this shot) & a neat Dinga pillow (from Kathz last Tuesday). I knew I should've taken a picture of the last bunch of flowers I received (for my birthday), which came in a lovely peach & pink array.

Finally I've done most of what I wanted to accomplish, & finished (as well as enjoyed) a whole lot of other things in the process (like paying the proverbial household bills with my brother), so I probably can relax a bit now. As Veronique Vienne once put it, "a measure of happiness is how often we sigh at ease".

Speaking of which, I might as well quote her further (what I've always been wanting to do but keep forgetting!) because I love silly, pour femme books that help enrich my tarot reading & keep me sane by justifying my quirks at the same time:

"Some of the best thinking we do happens when the conscious mind is on a sabbatical.

"Isaac Newton figured out the law of universal gravitation when sitting under a tree.

"Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod while flying a kite.

"Thomas Edison came up with the lightbulb filament while idly rolling kerosene residue between his fingers.

"Albert Einstein pondered the riddle of the universe with a cat on his lap.

"So don't get up yet. Contribute to science. Stay prone as long as you can.

"Erosion is a slow process, but it's a creative one. It's how the earth chisels mountains, carves canyons, makes sand dunes, & subdivides continents... Don't be afraid to wear down what's on the surface of ordinary life in order to expose the rock bottom of your feelings."
Ooh, how Zen! :D Drudgery is good all along. Like I always say, sometimes my mind is clearest while I'm worked up washing the dishes or watering the plants or organizing my school notes. Or even with just a big spoiled cat named Sophie on my lap.

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posted by Andalusia at 11/29/2004 09:30:00 AM