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wMonday, November 01, 2004

Before Sunset was heartbreakingly crazy + beautiful, & a sequel that was sure worth the LONG wait. I recommend watching its predecessor (staged in Vienna) right after, especially if it's been YEARS since you've last seen it — realizing how all the signs that Jesse (Ethan Hawke) & Celine (Julie Delpy) were so meant for each other (especially with what the seemingly crazy palm reader had to say! HAHAHA) made so much sense & how they've realized their dreams in the sequel only to regret those in the end. Both movies seem to ram up in your face the idea of, like, who needs their dreams when you have finally met your soulmate? WTF. Obviously I cried buckets of snot AGAIN & got inspired with their lengthy discourses. Parang Kill Bill, you have to see BOTH volumes talaga. I'll elaborate further — I feel like crying again but I have to fix dinner first.

Basta I can so much relate to Celine — her being neurotic, progressive, as well as fondness for cats (she has an Asian-sounding name for her baby while I have a French name WTF for mine, na kasalukuyang nawawala, meh nililigawan na ata huhuhu). It's just creepy how she was already 32 (my favorite number & dreaded age) when they met again in Paris, & how they first met on June 16 (can I go ahead & die now?). But what is with the blasted date, anyway?

(MOTD) = Pearl Jam - Leash

posted by Andalusia at 11/01/2004 06:32:00 PM