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wSunday, November 14, 2004

Hehe, happy birthday Deric! :) Your party was fun. Thanks for letting me mess up your desktop resolution (our blogs are best viewed in 1024 x 768 pixels hehe), install the ever-cheesy-but-rather-indispensable Chikka Messenger in your hard drive, & trip on your upbeat mp3s. Nothing like crazy pop beats to revv up a partayyy. Not to mention silly captions to go with them pictures fresh from the circuit. :P Don't worry, they won't remain public for long.

getting first dibs?
Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

galit-galit na daw!
Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

galit-galit na talaga!
Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

mga gutom pa ba kayo?
Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

yihee na lang ulet
Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

Originally uploaded by shdwphyre.

We should all hang out again next week. :)

All this fuss is making me miss you-know-who all the more, though. :/

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to more snazzy parties! :D I was rather glum & negligent on my birthday, & I want to make up for that.

Yay for the holidays. I should reconsider getting a Flickr Pro account!

(MOTD) = Fatboy Slim - Gangsta Tripping

posted by Andalusia at 11/14/2004 04:41:00 AM