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wThursday, August 05, 2004

Finally got to watch Imelda last Tuesday. Don't ask why it took me so long to see it. I'll be watching it next week with Lorna, if it's still showing by then, because I've to fully understand Imelda's bothersome Seven Portals of Peace. Even if she's supposed to be the most hated woman of the century (next to my mom, of course, hehe), I can't help but pity her somewhat. I dont blame other women if they find a bit of something sensible to be gleaned from her. But they should be warned that they could turn into something like her & resolve to be more productive & rational instead. Sigh, the complexity that is female. The film is a stark wake-up call to everyone else, as much as it is for her. That we all should learn from the mistakes of the past & not be so much fixated on icons (because obviously nobody's perfect, dammit), as well as strive to bridge the gap between cultured elitists & the majority that is them ignorant masses. Yes, that can be quite possible, if those in power will be honorable enough to use their influence et al to achieve this & not take advantage of their constituents. Ergo, let us all exert more effort to be less selfish & superficial while remaining true to our convictions & ideals.

Everything else showing in theatres lately isn't worth watching, but I'm out to see Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind en pronto.

In other news, Powerbooks is on sale & yet I'm not sure what to get. Then I'm changing my mind about getting the Vertigo Tarot deck (with this one crucial card missing!) from a shop in Greenbelt this weekend. Being a tarot reader, I'd be compelled at some point or another to use it. It has, after all, lovely, enchanting imagery (even if it is more Thoth-inspired than anything else, yikes), & I don't keep decks for mere collection purposes. The comic shop owner is really nice, though, so I'm referring him to every Neil Gaiman fan I know.

Take note that another Mercury Retrograde is in full effect sometime next week to early next month. So much for plans then. I'll have to come up with a definite (crap)list by tomorrow. I hope to get enough DECENT rest soon. My body clock has gone way haywire.

(MOTD) = Mandy Moore - Everything My Heart Desires

posted by Andalusia at 8/05/2004 02:31:00 AM