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wSunday, July 18, 2004

Even if I wasn't able to go out as planned yesterday, either to make myself woozy with a Wong Kar Wai movie marathon somewhere in Sucat with a bunch of new LJ friends, or to finally see Janice & the rest of the Cafe Arcana girls again, I had fun at home. Zhy & Rissa came over around 7pm when I thought they wouldn't make it & I was on the verge of going crazy (as if I don't on a regular basis!) suffering from hurting limbs + contemplating lurid thoughts alone in my room. Made carbonara from scratch (added too much basil, though, but it turned out great anyhow!) when we grrls vowed not to eat too much anymore come nighttime & had coffee crumble ice cream (YUM YUM!). We took loads of silly pictures (no, I ain't posting them yet :P) & laughed about the things we've painstakingly been through for the past 3 months, then played mean rounds of gin rummy (tangina from 1am-6am? LUPET! & fuck, I only aced once!). It's nice doing new things with auld lang syne friends, to think it's my usual trip with other (yeah, newer) friends. I hope they weren't too bored. Good luck to the both of them moving to their new pad. I wonder what Candy & I can do to surprise them (for their housewarming kumbaga).

posted by Andalusia at 7/18/2004 07:22:00 PM