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wTuesday, June 29, 2004

I know I'll miss all the times spent on driving around (including getting lost & cranking up the volume while listening to our staple radio station), duelling in arcades to death, ordering personal servings good for two or more, losing sleep while letting the other catch up, guzzling green tea fraps more than twice a week, watching late-night Destructicon movies & small rock gigs, taking palpak pictures, & being on guard for surprise affectionate gestures (& looking pretty stupid to boot) by the time I'll get to sleep everything off sometime before the next Imbolc. I wonder how I'll fare out by then.

I think I should blame this year's supposed wonderful Midsummer gone haywire to the blasted sudden Venus retrograde, which fortunately ends TODAY. The weather doesn't look good, though, unless I'll be up for a storm later in the afternoon.

Anyway, it was nice of AJ of letting us kick back & chill out with bubblegum-flavored lambanog (haha) & rounds of gin rummy & poker for dimwits (like me) last weekend. I wanted to stay longer pero haaaaaaayyy. I'd look up Go Fish again, & this other card game I loved tripping on in high school.

(MOTD) = Fountains of Wayne - Hey Julie

posted by Andalusia at 6/29/2004 03:31:00 AM