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wThursday, November 06, 2003

The Five of Cups, in the Conscious Lesson position, suggests that when you don’t confront or give voice to your emotions, they are liable to come out unchecked, causing you to suffer the consequences of having to clean up the mess you have made. You can’t turn back the clock, and you may waste valuable energy musing over what might have been. By suppressing your feelings, you put out negative energy, and therefore negative energy comes back to you. You may have experienced the deep disappointment that comes unexpectedly from a divorce, separation, job loss, rejection, mistreatment, diagnosis, death, or other emotionally charged event, but you need to look around for compassion, give voice to your feelings, learn to permit forgiveness, and claim your power, so that you may be ready to embrace peace, recovery, renewed spirituality, or the ultimate acceptance that can come with going through the process of grief or mourning constructively. These are the situations or events in your life that you have the opportunity to transform, or even from which you can be released as long as you don’t give up hope.

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posted by Andalusia at 11/06/2003 08:03:00 PM