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wThursday, October 09, 2003

The Page of Wands, in the Hidden Self position, suggests that you may be an extroverted, dynamic, resourceful person. You might have fresh, creative ideas, particularly when it comes to your dream job. You probably meet each challenge with enthusiasm and energy, and others might tend to view you as friendly and outgoing. You may have a love of adventure or desire to travel that sometimes could make you feel restless or bored. At times like these, you may abandon whatever project you are working on in order to start something new and “more exciting”. You could have a tendency to spend too much time on the phone, or online, which might lead to you being late for things more often than you should, but being as optimistic or charismatic as you probably are, others may be patient and understanding with you. You are being reminded however, that there is a fine line between optimism, volunteerism, willingness, and being a phony “brown-noser”.

(MOTD) = Santana featuring Dido - Feels Like Fire

posted by Andalusia at 10/09/2003 04:48:00 PM