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wSaturday, August 02, 2003

This hits the spot:
The Moon is in your sign all weekend, giving you an excuse to change your mind even more often than you usually do. This isn’t about logic, which is your typical reason for being on the see-saw. Now, however, it’s more about your feelings. They are washing up onto the beach of your awareness with a different emotion every few minutes. If you don’t like what you’re feeling, just patiently wait for the next wave.

General Daily Overview
The Moon entered relationship-oriented Libra at 2:46 am EDT. We tend to reflect on what’s going on without as much judgment as usual. We strive for balance. We try to find the right mixture between social and personal. Meanwhile, the Sun forms an irritating quincunx aspect with Mars, now in his retrograde phase. Little things can annoy us and then we get annoyed with ourselves for being bothered by such trivia. It’s difficult now to find that elusive balance the Libra Moon so desperately needs.
Sometimes flimsy things like horoscope readings make so much sense... or is this all just "psychological", as mon cheri fUse would put it? This could be just my mood swings talking now. Gotta hit the sack en pronto.

posted by Andalusia at 8/02/2003 06:42:00 AM