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wWednesday, August 20, 2003

The Queen of Wands suggests that you know you have a higher purpose or a special power. You may thrive on creative growth and become inspired, not by simple material gain, but by a great passion for what feeds your life force. You have probably earned the right to feel confident and courageous, and may not be long content with being on the fringes of the action. If you were to win the lottery, you probably would not choose to lie around eating bon-bons, but would take the world by storm! You might enjoy being the center of attention, and enjoy being spontaneous, even within the confines of your daily grind. You probably are a person of high energy, and may be well-liked, fun-loving and enterprising, and might choose to direct your will or attention towards projects that encourage or nurture others. As long as you work to remain well balanced and positive, you can truly become a leader who commands the loyalty of those who follow. You are being reminded to pay close attention to your intuition, for this is one of the gifts that can not only transform your life, but also can improve and inspire the lives of others as well. By the same token, without balance, you could become engulfed or consumed by your own ego or ability to control or manipulate, which could end up twisting your ambitions, for there could be something slightly sinister, sneaky, or sadistic about you that might rear its head from time to time. Consider any possible issues or insecurities you might have regarding your sexuality, identity, or the opposite sex, particularly if you find yourself being a “male basher”.

posted by Andalusia at 8/20/2003 09:35:00 AM