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wMonday, March 17, 2003

All I'm ever up to lately is eating, aside from my new pet kitten Sophie. I just made carbonara & orange juice earlier, & man am I stuffed. Last night I had a bar of Firklover that shadowkat gave me, then we both ate a few spoonfuls of sinful leche flan, nido soup with mushroom, lasagna, & macaroni salad at Malen's. Eh when I got home I had lumpia shanghai & beef yakisoba. A few days ago I was tripping on cereal & chocolate syrup, potato chips & Hershey's Nuggets. Sarap pa ng pork sinigang & beef with ampalaya ni Ma. Didn't eat much of her adobo for lunch kanina, though. Hay, after sometime of pig-out decline, eto na, bingeing na naman. The pizza crepes & sundaes at this ice cream parlor-cum-coffee shop in my locale are delightfully gewd. Ayoko naaaaaaaa.

posted by Andalusia at 3/17/2003 12:03:00 AM