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wFriday, January 10, 2003

Last night I got to watch Slackers & The Hot Chick with Kathz over at Marky's, along with her other best bud Rosalyn, then when I dropped her off at her place, she lent me CD's of Antitrust, Shaolin Soccer, & — ohmigod, yay — A Walk To Remember!

& wtf, after watching that flick early this morning, lookie here:

LIBRA: Romantic novels and movies could be more appealing than usual to you today, as you're in an especially intense frame of mind.

YIKES! Dammit! Hit the spot SMACK-DAB!

Go ahead & laugh, but I actually fell in DEEP love with the story... Shane West... the goddamn soundtrack I was supposed to pick up at Tower Records when I had the chance but didn't... I might as well gag myself now.

Excuse me while I try to jump off the roof so I can flyyyyy!!! Hehe.

I might have to go back to Kathz's later, though. I still have to hear the real deal regarding her sudden NDE, frustrated dates, jobhunting woes, & everything else she has to offer to spill. Oh, well.

& The Two Towers is just a few hours away!

posted by Andalusia at 1/10/2003 03:26:00 PM