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wSunday, December 15, 2002

I decided to go see shadowkat again last night, after not getting to be with her for quite a while. We talked about how she was quitting work because she was getting fed up with the company she was working in for the last 5 months, how I've been feeling lately, & what happened with her bar-hopping spree with Marky the other night. I made her handle my tarot deck as we had this spread we were supposed to read but couldn't, because we had to head off to Marky's when mein uber liebe fUse & his best bud AJ came over. She also made me interpret her own reading — using the 7th Card Spread — that she did with this old Rider-Waite deck she borrowed from her immediate boss & had 'recharged' in my room a few months back. The results turned out to be similar to what I read for her before using the same spread, which basically represented her 'repressed' self. But the outcome card was the 9 of Pentacles, which is a good card to get anyhow. Our mutual card turned out magically to be the Hermit (hehe, damn him). Our favorite cards, respectively — 2 of Cups (hers) & Knight of Swords (I am just so in love with this baby!). We could hardly wait for the New Year to usher in. Maybe life would take it easier on us by then.

posted by Andalusia at 12/15/2002 07:09:00 AM