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wThursday, December 19, 2002

For the sake of collecting decks, this, as I've realized only recently, would make a great addition if ever. I love its High Priestess card most. I wonder why I always get drawn to that card in just about every deck I come across with. But my brother thinks the deck is too creepy while other people find it dreamy.

I really don't have anything in mind this Christmas, until I came across this seemingly interesting book. Waaahhh, wtf.

I know I sound like a crazed idiot obsessed with cartomancy, but I really can't help being drawn to it now, especially that I've got 2 new fancy spreads to work with (enticingly called Moon & Cake, hehe) once I get the chance. But I have to reclaim my room first from my folks. They've been sleeping there this week since they got their a/c unit busted & they fucking couldn't find the warranty for it when the servicemen came over the other day. I'm getting tired of sleeping late as well as moving from one room to another. I'm glad my kid sibs would let me crash in theirs in the meantime. I terribly miss my room & my bed, the only spot where I can really be at peace with myself in this hellhole I grudgingly call home. I wonder how long will this madness last. Dammit. & I'm supposed to be happy this season? Bah, hum-fucker-bug!

My kid bro lent me his black cellphone cover out of nowhere & I feel weird because I don't feel like myself at all anymore with too much black & gray in my clothes & stuff. I love my worn-out pastel thingamajigs too much now. Hehe, how gurly. But I got a fancy black book, LOL, for my best bud & I hope she likes it. I can't wait to give it to her — among them other junk I've got prepared — before the weekend. I'm way overdue for observing our 4th friendship anniversary.

Rainblood made me download 3 In Flames tracks from him, & that me miss my other metal mp3's (that got obliterated last year because my bothered accidentally fucked up with the hard disk). Especially from Iced Earth & My Dying Bride. He gave me a full-length At The Gates album to download with 2 extra songs thrown in, but I wasn't able to spare that, either. Crap.

Oh, & boohoo, so long, strawberry & kretek cigs... I'm steering clear of you before I get hooked or something. I don't smoke, though! & I hate it because my parents do so my room stinks somewhat. Shit.

(MOTD) = Shades Apart - Valentine

posted by Andalusia at 12/19/2002 01:09:00 AM