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wMonday, November 11, 2002

Balance, balance, balance.

Librans like high-wire acts — it's all about balance as they coolly make it to the other side.

Some believe that Libra derives power from showing up at harvest time. This sign makes a good peacemaker — Libra might consider working for the U.N., as he or she is incredibly adept at engineering compromise. Or, you might consider a job in journalism, as you're extremely objective. In fact, Librans strive for civility and avoid arguments at all costs.

Sometimes Libra is a bit too easygoing and may be considered lazy. Try to be more confident about making decisions, Libra.

Your sign really enjoys feeling good, and you can get too wrapped up in those feelings, thus sacrificing your responsibilities. Take care of your back and kidneys.

Yikes. Sheesh. I was about to agree on every little thing, except for the bit about my back & kidneys!

posted by Andalusia at 11/11/2002 03:13:00 PM