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wSaturday, October 05, 2002

I'm leaving for Kathz's tonight. I've been with her at Marky's place the other night, though, where we all had a taste of this new Rocky Road cake roll from our small local bakeshop we have in town & I finally met their friend from school Edz (Edwin). I did a reading for the latter (because he turned out to be so nice, yay), which was draining for the both of us even though it was relatively short, & I joined him on his way home since we were to pass through the same route anyway. I was supposed to watch Birthday Girl with my best bud that afternoon, but I was too tired to trek all the way to our local mall. I dunno when will I ever catch the movie now, & whom I'll be going out with.

Sana hindi ako antukin nang tuluyan mamaya. I have yet to scrub my feet, too. Trip lang. I find the whole darned move soothing enough somehow. Mmm, hooray, peppermint.

posted by Andalusia at 10/05/2002 07:01:00 PM