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wMonday, February 18, 2002

(MOTD) = Nobuo Uematsu - Eyes on Me (piano)

My best bud sent me a dainty e-card earlier today, with a spectacular view of a deep blue rocky oceanside, reminiscent to that of volcanic Hawaiian shores. But what got to me the most was the poem inscribed on it. And I quote...

Why get stuck on your fears
when you can face
your hopes and dreams instead?

Why let your frustrations get to you
when there's so much
that makes you happy?

Why focus on your failures
when you can put your energy
on what's still possible?

Why regret what you've done
when you can make tomorrow
so much better?

Why get down on your imperfections
when you have so many gifts?

Why frown
when there are so many reasons
to smile everyday?

Each day is another chance
to do better,
to try harder.

Each day will bring you closer
to your dreams.

Up to now I still sit here dumbfoundedly pondering on them thoughts.

posted by Andalusia at 2/18/2002 08:42:00 PM