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wThursday, February 14, 2002

I'm trying to add pizzazz to this blogpage - but I'm all yet jittery to do so. Anyway, I have a new project up now. Do you actually think I can maintain two e-journals? I'm keeping my fingers crossed, even as I type this post up. Hehe.

A lot of people from the "pool" are going "bah, humbug!" on Valentine's Day. Sheesh. I know how it is to grumble, mope, & lash out angst about the whole subject, but for now I'm just downright cool with it. ^_~

Had a late lunch [around 5pm] yesterday & a late dinner [around 5 hours ago]. My perpetually screwed-up bio-clock is at it again. I had it all "nyum²" anyway. I just love my mom's beef with brocolli... although my butter & garlic chicken sucked a bit, methinks.

The trouble with deep introspection is that OK, you'd have everything clearly scribbled down in your head [& I mean EVERY little darn bit of detail], then when you're about to contain it all in black & white, you lose track. WTF.


posted by Andalusia at 2/14/2002 05:22:00 AM