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wTuesday, December 11, 2001

Been a while since I've been here. A lot has transpired during the past few weeks. And I can't help wondering where is all this misery boiling down to.

I'm grounded once again. Been this same way last year. Hopefully not next year. This'll be the last straw, I vow to myself. Mom says I already burned down her last straw of patience for me. All I'm ever good at is being abominable.

There's this poem I keep re-reading til my eyes wince in pain. But I'd rather keep it to myself instead. Oh, well. Been loafing around here today like some crazed whining cynic ready to jump off a cliff and break her silly neck, in case she succeeds to come up ALIVE from the horrid fall.

I miss my bed. My room. My sleep routine. My sanity even.

For all it's worth, I love you, fUse. I always will. I'll do my best to work things out down here. I wouldn't even dare think of wanting to lose you ever. If forever does exist, I'd want to be there with you.

posted by Andalusia at 12/11/2001 05:58:00 AM