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wFriday, June 29, 2001

(MOTD) = Deftones - Pink Maggit (7:32)

Mom was probably upset with a lot of things... like Dad. She had to take it out on me while she was driving me to school this afternoon. Tsk, why does she have to tell me such? Just when Dad & I were talking sensibly again. Last night was one of the best conversations ever I had with my father pa naman. The way my mother talked about Dad was rather awful. She made me think twice about how he really felt about his children... his family. Somehow I'll just have to ponder over what she's trying to say... even most of the time her comments are that of someone closed-minded.

We had no classes in all our majors. Oh, anyway, I got to revise my load by adding up PR to my schedule. I attended Nihongo, though. More guy gakusei's came in. The progression flowed more easily... although I screwed up again by having to attempt thrice to answer Sono katano namae wa Abogado-san desu ka, pertaining to Jane, who was seated beside me. Jovan sat with us, too. Yay, now there are 3 of us sitting on the frontmost row. I forgot all about the ~no part... *sigh* But at least I managed to say, with my sensei's reminder on the ~no element: Kono katano namae wa Abogado-san dewa arimasen. {Jane}-san desu. Jane was also able to recite correctly in class. WHEW. I think I'm finally getting the hang of learning Japanese. ^-^ /me braces herself for more action

posted by Andalusia at 6/29/2001 08:10:00 PM