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wTuesday, June 26, 2001

If I were to ponder on how measly my life has become over the past 3 years...

1) I've become very much immobile... no wonder I've gained weight & can't shed the added pounds off ever since I got `em. Blame it on the carbonara, ice cream & refrigerator cakes every now & then. Don't forget the neighborhood dogs abound that are making it hard for me to at bike at least for a block & back. GRRRR.
2) My eyesight has definitely blurred. I'll have to tell my parents I'll be needing glasses next month... it's painfully hard not to people's faces anymore from a certain distance. To think I have this knack for observing people at all angles.
3) Talk about being dull & insipid. The thing with learning Japanese is already painstaking for me, & recalling what I've learned over the past 5 semesters is double impossible. I threw all my notes & handouts away while we were moving here, so I'm left with nothing but sheer TRASH. Being a half-baked graduate-to-be isn't such a winning factor in Life's major survival playoffs. Darnit, enuff with the rock-n-roll bum lifestyle from now on!
4) I'm not growing any younger. Pathetic. Even if I can pass for a lousy under-18 slob in moviehouses, liquor stores, & anywhere else with no minors allowed, I'm still O-L-D & aging. UGH. Hmmm, at least with my oily skin I dun have to worry about wrinkles until 40, right? I've got to deal with my stretch marks & cellulite, though. Oh, not to mention my dire need for finishing school to shake off this naivete & boyishness. Gross.

So what's got a poserslackerlewser d0rk got to do now?

posted by Andalusia at 6/26/2001 01:32:00 AM