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wFriday, June 08, 2001

I was feeling rather gloomy last Sunday when Lynne told me she'd drop by after I called her up saying I needed help with my clearance & evaluation form request on Monday so I could convince my parents I'm raring to go back to school... for the nth time. Now don't get me wrong. I am just a dropout... not some real lewser flunk. You wanna hear the story how I ended up being a goddamn slacker brat bitch jackass dropout? Uhm, tune in & after a few blogs more, you'll so know. Anyways, I was glad she came over. We talked for a while... she & my sibs were also checking out the mpgs the kids here have downloaded over the past few months. It was a good thing I was able to find my clearance, registration form, library/Internet lab/computer lab cards, old calling cards, & tattered ID. Now all I had to do was look for my old classcards for my tracking form & keep ALL my registration forms since sem 1. Good thing I was sooo into school during my first 2 years in college. I hope to exude that kinda esteem for my studies again this year.

Lynne & I decided to trip on our favorite mocha-zagu-&-fishballs' spree... sans my sis. But anyway, we had fun, even though we had to adjust to some changes: substituting clear, gummy gulaman "crystals" for the luscious, chunky, black shiny tapioca "pearls" in our mocha shakes. After munching our way back home with good ol' trusty roasted peanuts [natural brain food, man!], we launched into a lengthy discussion over our ails & goals. I had great news... she had tension. Then she decided to stay for the night so we could move on to school tomorrow. She had her last sem's grades to collect, by the way.

I was recollecting how much fun & promising this school year could be for me... at the same time how I wasn't over certain things - & PEOPLE, for that matter. She was hung up too. We then decided that our recurring melodrama were just plain sick distractions from our newfound enthusiasm to move on with our lives. I couldn't agree more. However, the pain as well as the ugly scars & shadows from the past are still undeniably reminiscent. I wonder how will we snap out of such crap. *sigh*

posted by Andalusia at 6/08/2001 07:24:00 PM