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wSaturday, June 02, 2001

I had a good Friday night. Trust me. My parents & I went out for Chinese at a locally renowned haunt back here. We used to go there a lot - to celebrate their wedding anniversary every year, dine our house guests out, or just simply eat out when Mom's not in the mood to prepare homecooked meals. I remember after my high school graduation rites, we all went there & bought plenty of ice cream. (Boy, was I so stuffed that night! NYUM!) Anyway, last night was one of those "hey-let's-eat-out-since-there's-nothing-else-to-eat-in-this-house-and-I'm-fuckin-starving" times, I guess. I was excited to tag along... after all, it's been a while. So I dressed up & informed everybody what I was up to, hehe. Too bad my kid sibs weren't able to join us. Kath is sick & Sonny decided to stay with her. That made sense to my folks, so off we drove to the local metro.

The place was better now... in the sense that I didn't have to risk running into people I'd least wanna encounter on a night like that. Typical people hung out, usually older "jologs" folk, having a beer or two, which was weird, because the place was rather posh for them to loaf around its premises. I seem to be the youngest in the crowd, so it felt like old times... like being in high school back again. It was also weird not having my parents talk to me about how screwed-up I am or anything of the sort, which was a great relief. Even though my mom tried to launch into a lengthy discussion about it on our way there in the car, I clammed up. So did Dad. Whew. Now that was close. NICE. So we did just sit there to stuff our faces with grub. It was then definitely a good night.

We had beef with brocolli, the house's special pancit canton & nido soup, shanghai rice, breaded calamare, & mango juice. I know I don't have to go into detail, but then again... NYUM² kasi! ^-^ I know I didn't eat much as expected, but I was full. When my parents stopped by the drugstore & video shop for cold relievers & flicks to watch at home, I hurried down to McD's & bought a nice, cool, swabeng sundae cone. HAHA. Funny how I miss that stuff! Then I hopped back to the car & happily lapped up "dessert".

On our way home (I was in the backseat, of course... Dad was driving), my mom was talking about the streetkids who ran up to her for alms. One kid had his dad do laundry for a living during daytime & slack around videoke joints at night; his mom "sleeps all day". The kids'd do anything to get a shiny peso coin or so... Here was an overgrown angsty slob grumbling to herself how she was too old not to be allowed to drive & how "square" she still was compared to her peers. Then there were the squabbling streetkids who might not even get to go to school this year or so because of their indigence. *sigh*

We finally got back. Of course we brought home chow for my sibs & for the dogs, & I lay in bed for a while feeling drowsy yet contented. I've been thinking about what just happened. Felt rather too surreal to be true.

But it sure was a "Thank God it's Friday" night. NICE.

posted by Andalusia at 6/02/2001 05:26:00 AM