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wThursday, June 21, 2001

Had fun today in school with Jim, MJ, Al Jo, Charo, & Joseph... my new colleagues for the year. A buncha hardworking, creative, blunt yet affable AB studes sure stirs up enthusiasm & vibrance within me for the day... hopefully for the whole year, for that matter! It was my second hanging-out session with them. Thanks, guys. ^-^

We first headed up to the school's penthouse where they had to shoot the first part of the campus's promotional video. Ahhh, the sight of sea & sky, the feel of upscale wind, & the dizzying heights made me semi-euphoric. I felt like singing "The Sound of Music" all of a weird sudden. (Well, I actually did, but did so discreetly! *LOL*) If Jim's plans for holding our society's Gala Night up there gets pushed through, it'd be awesome! Oh, well. Discussion of club/groupie activities, picking out a room for the school paper's new office, our department's new astounding developments, & what else had we continued as we all decided to grab a bite outside school.

We all went home quite early; I can hardly wait to loaf around with them again. I forgot all about Mom's badmouthing me the morning before & as she drove me to campus on her way to business.

I cooked carbonara for dinner in sheer blissful hazy-mindedness. Haven't cleared the kitchen yet though. Yeesh, I also have my laundry yet to do. Chatted with Dad a bit. *sigh* I'm glad he's nicer than my mother. I just can't take it that he's too nice for her. Ho-humm...

posted by Andalusia at 6/21/2001 11:27:00 PM