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wFriday, June 08, 2001

Going back to where I practically lived all my life was such a blast. It was too serene that first night... I was walking along the straight line heading to the elementary school & new gas station, with the bright waxing moon shimmering atop the night sky. It was too dark though, but I was able to spot my old friend Beige on the road! Whoa, reunion blues! I was supposed to go straight ahead to my old commune when I decided to hang out with her & Boyong at the old soccer field.

It was just like old times. A great deal has changed... a lot of kids grew up... the tranquility of living there was still deceivingly sweet. But after talking with them 2 old cohorts, I've realized what made me hate the place & the people there. Fucking [and I mean SLUTTY!], shallow, appearance-keeping, rumor-mongering snobs & jocks. People infested with superiority complex, crab & colonial mentality. Sheesh. Now I actually have something immensely GREAT to thank for. I could actually FEEEEEEL through my skin how much my life has improved over the past 9 years or so. GOTT SIE DANK! I'm glad for my life now! Move over, bitches! Fuck you all!

posted by Andalusia at 6/08/2001 09:13:00 PM