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wSaturday, June 23, 2001

Friday was the lousiest day ever. Cold, dreary, sullen. I even screwed up in my first actual recitation for FL 411. I might even flunk the audition for the school choir for this year... OK, so let's skip the "I might" part & totally declare my failure with that act.

How was I supposed to know? It's been 5 years ever since I actually auditioned for a choir... it's been 3 years ever since I've ever been in one, as well. Argh. And umandar na naman ang death-defying shyness ko, langya! But I dun care, anyway. Nakakapanibago nga lang mapahiya, if you know what I mean. I've been used to major klutzing ever since I first got the chance to be exposed publicly in major social school functions... so whatever my standing before in campus was brought upon by numerous worthwhile experiences. At least I lived & learned, right? Hehe.

*sigh* I miss my other teachers way back freshman & sophomore years. They were nicer. Softer graders. Well, at least some of them are. Like my teachers in Re.Ed. (that's Theology to you, aka Religious Education), Math, Education, Humanities, & Science. They can be strict & formal, but they ain't TERRORIZERS! If they get chummy with their students, they keep it levelled as what it should be done in a mere superior-subordinate relationship. Walang tropa-tropa. Walang paangasan. Walang tirahan ng estudyante. PUNYETA. Oh, well.


So to recount my 1st day in Nihongo class... I went up to the scheduled room & met 2 students there. The doors were locked so one of them had to climb up into the emergency exit [which was open] & unlock the room from the inside. I saw this rather pretty Engineering/Computer Science instructor enter the room & got taken aback... didn't expect HER to be handling our section. So maybe I was staring at her (which of course can be rude at certain times for some people) that she had to snarl at me, "what are you looking at?" [in vernacular, FYI.] Yikes. She seemed intimidating enough to the point of brusque, but she smiled & joshed a lot... I had to be her dunce for the day, though; or so I felt like it was. Got her attention right on the dot. Dunno if she was amused with the fact that this was an elective for me, or I was from another department, or how I look funny in general. Ugh.

Prof: (snickers) You're quite good in English, eh? What are you, Chinese?
Abbee Lamer: (stutters) Uh, no, Ma'm, I'm a Mass Comm student!
/me commits hara-kiri

She explained the basics fairly well that Nihongo seemed to be easier than I think - but when she had to call us one by one to apply orally today's lesson, I felt RATTLED. As in! The last time I got totally nerved-wrecked in recitation was... 10 years ago! Freshman high Math class! [I'm such a wuss in Math, honestly. Ick.] I usually ace class recitations, but this was ridiculous! I stammered & slurred — & felt like curling up to die after. It was like I was the lamest student in that particular class, to think I was even vying for cum laude during my last term. She even had to make me sit in front, ALONE at that, & the majority of the students were guys. I actually wanted to burst into tears... but only shied in exasperation. I got to have a word with my teacher. I know deep down inside I won't make it barely scraping alive in her subject if this keeps up. Nakakasindak eh. But she's pretty nice naman. And yes, making sure that her students grasp her lessons thoroughly. Yun nga lang, she's very much renowned for failing a whole class for a term. Boo-hoo. /me ducks for cover

Makes me wanna scream, "SHIMATTA!" ..!.,

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posted by Andalusia at 6/23/2001 12:43:00 AM