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wWednesday, June 27, 2001

12:00 NN I feel sick. Woke up very late this morning. Haven't had lunch nor taken a bath yet. The sun is up today, but it still feels chilly outside for me. My kid sis's feeling down & out as well. I have to go to school today, though. OCS 311 (Oral Communications Skills) awaits. My parents will kill me too if I skip classes by hanging out here in front of the puter. So will my FL prof when I come back by Friday. So, no thank you. I'll gladly drop by campus & get refitted afterwards.

It's nice how in OCS all of the juniors & seniors will be in one class. OCS is actually a new subject this school year, & all seniors of all courses are required to enroll in it. I wonder how it'd fare out. Will it be like Voice & Diction revisited? Or like high school's Public Speaking et al? Hmmm...

1:00 P.M. Prepared today's lunch & got excited after being sent in 3 quiz questions by my cp network's raffle trivia contest, wherein a subscriber can win Php1M every month. When the 4th question was sent, & I keyed in my guess for an answer, the system became temporarily unavailable. Darn. Talk about premium cp network service. I wonder if anyone does ever get to win by any chance in this kinda racket. Just thinking. Masaya ding mag-trip somehow.

posted by Andalusia at 6/27/2001 01:05:00 PM